Head Turning 1971 Jeepster Commando Ready for New Caring Owner

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Brown
Engine:Fuel Injected Six Cylinder Vortec
Number of Cylinders:6
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If you want a fun and relaxing weekend ride, be forewarned, this 1971 Jeepster Commando for sale starts conversations and turns heads. It is nearly impossible to stop at a light and not have someone honk at you or shout out a question. You will need to prepare yourself to answer some common questions. These answers come in handy, "It's a '71," "Yes, it is a blast to drive," "No, that's not the stock engine," and "Yes, it goes fast."
You can enjoy this Jeepster right away and the fun on the road. If you have kids, prepare for them to be absolutely thrilled as you go down the road with the top down. They will want to bring friends.
This Jeepster is a bit of a pound puppy. It is the Jeepster body and frame with a fuel injected 350 V6 engine.
I purchased it a couple of years ago from a friend. I've kept it garaged and I do have the soft top for it. The top was in good condition when I took it off and folded it up. It is included in the sale.
However, when I got the vehicle to my house I took the soft top off because I knew I was only going to drive this out and about on beautiful days to best enjoy the Jeepster. Since I've owned it I've done a load of work to it:
Replaced front single leaf springs with multi-leaf springs.New shocks all around.Realigned drive train.Rebuilt automatic transmission.Replaced the body bushings.Regularly serviced the engine with oil and filter changes.The sales price is actually about $4,000 less than what I've put into restoring the Commando.
The engine is not the original engine. It is a fuel injected Vortec V6 with an unknown number of miles on it. I was told the engine and steering column came out of a Chevy Blazer. And the steering column is interesting as well. The column runs down between the brake and gas pedal so you have to learn to brake with your left foot and accelerate with your right. The first ten seconds of driving the Jeepster are the most interesting for learning how to handle that setup. After that it is second nature.
The body is generally in excellent shape I think and at some point was repainted and new carpet put inside. Whoever painted it did a terrific job. There are some nicks and chips in the paint from regular driving. As far as I can see there is nothing alarming about any part of the paint work.
The Things You Want to Know
The Jeepster has a custom fuel tank. I did replace the filler tube with a flexible one but it sometimes prevents the gas from automatically shutting off when you are fueling. If you are not paying attention, because someone is asking you a question, gas overflows and you wipe it off or you pay attention as it fills and listen for the gas in the filler tube and stop filling.There is a small yellow spot on the drivers door. I have no clue why. It was there when I brought it home and it has not grown or raised any.The Jeepster leaned ever so slightly to the drivers side in the rear. I had the frame checked to see if there was any issue and they said it was perfectly straight. So rather than replace the rear spring if that's what was causing the problem, I put air shocks in the back that automatically leveled it and the problem was resolved.The air bag switches mounted on the dash do not work because the air bag system was removed when I addressed the broken front leaf spring.There are some switches on the dash that do not appear to operate anything.The glove box is useless and I have a replacement I'll include with the sale.The passenger side armrest fell off but I have it and it is included with the sale.The windshield has been reseated but on the top left the gasket comes very close to the edge of the glass.The left turn signal has to be canceled manually some times.At some point some new tires are probably in order.
I have no clue how many miles the Jeepster has on it.
I have a clear NC title with no liens. It is ready to transfer to the buyer.
The vehicle really doesn't have 12,345 miles on it. I didn't know what to put for miles since it is a mystery. But Here is the Fun News
I've had some really great times in the Jeepster with my dad on weekend country rides. I've met some amazing people from just having people walk up to me and start talking about the Jeepster. It's not uncommon to walk back out to the parking lot after you've gone someplace and see people taking pictures of it.
I'm selling the Jeepster because my work as a fire department photographer and local journalist now requires me to carry a bunch of gear and be on-call. The Jeepster isn't well suited for those dark rainy nights carrying expensive equipment. So for the last year it has mostly just been sitting in the garage. Rather than hold on to it I think someone else could get a lot of fun out of it. It's time to pass this wonderful Jeepster to another good home.
The Jeepster is being offered for sale locally as well so if it sells before the end of the auction I reserve the right to close the sale at any time.
For more on the history of the Jeepster Commando, Wikipedia has a good listing. Unfortunately I can't post the link in an eBay listing.

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